What's UBhind?- Mobile Life Pattern

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  1. daily usage screen UBhind enables you to accurately depict your mobile app usage

    With UBhind, you can once and for all curb your smartphone overuse and regain control of your productivities!

  2. weekly usage and statistics screen Comprehensive analyses and statistics

    Graphical representative of your mobile app usage can be displayed by: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

    We capture them all, there is no sliding anything past UBhind! Whether your usage pattern or your family's usage pattern, UBhind allows you the flexibility to monitor it all.

  3. alarm and lock screen Alarm and Lock

    With any addictions, it's hard to break free! The Alarm and Lock features alerts you when usage limits are exceeded and at the worst case scenario, locks you from using those pesky apps.

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